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Welcome to the first issue of the SDI Blog.

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For more than 20 years, SDI, one of the largest certified woman- and minority-owned corporations in the US, has been driving process efficiencies and generating reportable and repeatable cost savings for our global customers through our Business and Procurement Process Outsourcing programs.   SDI has successfully lowered transactional costs—driving hard cost savings from a category management perspective, while simultaneously ensuring ethical and sustainable sourcing.  SDI supports customers by driving purchasing events, taking on the responsibility for contract negotiations with suppliers, and administratively managing supplier engagements throughout the delivery lifecycle.  Screening, selecting, negotiating, onboarding, and ensuring delivery and support of bona fide resources are not easy—and it is one of the things SDI does best.

From the procurement standpoint, SDI supports customers like IBM, Dell, and Lenovo on a global basis.  SDI drives sustainable cost savings by sourcing and processing transactions globally, modifying and enhancing supplier invoicing behavior through our invoice validation programs and automated business controls.  Most enterprises we partner with make it quite clear that their priority is to implement a scalable and sustainable procurement program that actualizes cost savings.  SDI meets this need by building  customer-specific delivery models that reduce the sourcing and cycle-time through process improvements and innovative technologies.  SDI creates value by leveraging a time zone-independent, competent, capable and scalable international outsourcing model to deliver immediate process improvements and considerably more cost savings than most in-house operations.

Perhaps most importantly, SDI excels in spend management, contract negotiation, sourcing across multiple categories and managing the supplier remittance process.  Leveraging these capabilities can increase the percentage of hands-free transactions that can be processed through our program.  This hands-free approach has an immediate and positive impact on the amount of spend that can be effectively managed in a successful outsourcing engagement, and on the identification of significant and sustainable cost savings in the procurement lifecycle.

The success of our customers remains paramount, as does our commitment to the extended community.  Minimizing our environmental impact, ensuring ethical behavior from our employees and suppliers, and encouraging—and participating in—community giving are all measured strategic imperatives for SDI.  Our commitment to sustainability, corporate citizenship and quality is evident in our certifications:  ISO 9001:2008, SOC Type 1 and SOC Type 2.  Additionally, SDI recently achieved Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) compliance, and is certified by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).  Furthermore, SDI’s quality policy governs all of our initiatives, and our corporate-wide quality agenda pledges that our programs and outsourcing activities meet and exceed our customers’ service expectations.

Going forward, we will introduce key members of our team, showcase best practices, present our global Centers of Excellence located in strategic geos, provide details about our programs, delivery models and key alliances to offer deeper insight into our end-to-end procurement programs.



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